Digestive Health Programs

FOOD SENSITIVITIES – When your body cannot process foods properly the immune system is overworked and, in a sense, confused. Correcting this problem requires personalized advanced medical nutrition therapy, proper assessment, and precision plan development customized to your needs. Personal nutrition coaching to help you implement the plan is included.

DIGESTIVE DISORDERS – Digestive disorders that impair nutrient absorption and cause discomfort are often multi-faceted and can stem from problems elsewhere in the body. Therefore, they require personalized diet and supplementation plans and a clear understanding of the underlying drivers of the problem so that those issues can be addressed as well. Personal nutrition coaching to help you implement the plan is included.

NUTRITION PROGRAM – Everything you do carries a metabolic cost whether you are an elite athlete, top executive, over-worked and over-stressed single parent, seriously ill or simply unhappy with your overall health status. This program measures what your body needs to help you achieve your health goals. The result is a personalized action plan, resources, and support to help you take control over this area of your life and helps you achieve your goals for how you feel, how you perform, and how you heal.

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