Brain Health Programs

All Brain Health Programs are based on principles and include elements of Dr. Dale Bredesen’s RECODE/REVERSE program, Advanced Clinical Training in The Reversal of Cognitive Decline, Dr. Daniel Amen’s Brain Health Coaching, and many more luminaries in the functional neurology and brain health performance fields.

ADD & ADHD – This program is ideal for people who desire to improve mental focus, attention, and lower their overall sense of stress. It supports proper brain function and lowers exposure to inflammation that can lead to ADD & ADHD.

AUTISM – This unique program combines support for proper brain function that is fun for children and adults alike with cutting edge mitochondrial support that together can impact cell signaling and cell function, which in turn supports proper brain function.

ALZHEIMER’S AND PARKINSON’S PROGRAM – This is ideal for both patients who suffer from dementia and their family members. The program ingredients are based on the groundbreaking works by Dr. Dale Bredesen, Dr. Daniel Amen, and other leaders in functional neurological medicine.

MILD COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT (MCI) – The program evaluates brain function and seeks to identify underlying root causes of impairment, then rehabilitate those issues accordingly using a combination of strategies and tools. Progress is measured regularly.

DEPRESSION & ANXIETY – The program is designed to help you take more control over the physiological ingredients to your mood state. It combines the best of medical support, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle habits, and detoxification, along with interventional tools that support proper brain signaling.

STRESS – Chronic excessive stress is toxic to the brain, the immune system, the digestive system, hormones, and much more. This program helps patients medically and naturally reset their approach to stress and reset their body’s response to it.

MIGRAINES – This program is specifically for migraine sufferers who have not responded to current medical treatment. The program was developed as part of an innovative lifestyle initiative that has helped many patients who previously suffered from chronic migraines.

TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY (Physical or Emotional) Program – The program is ideal for those who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or suffered/acute chronic emotional trauma whether recent or distant past. Research now shows us that TBI’s can impact a patient’s health decades after the incident. Understanding how your brain may be struggling to compensate for overlooked injuries of the past or new injuries in the present can lead to unlocking the recovery options for healing and repair.