Chronic Disease Foundational Programs

ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS PROGRAM (MOLD, TICK BITES, CHEMICALS, HEAVY METALS) – This program is designed to help those who suffer from specific toxicities that can produce debilitating brain fog, problems with emotional regulation, memory and cognitive function. These toxins can also contribute to other disease conditions such as autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders, mood disorders, and extreme fatigue, and much more.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROGRAM – This program is designed serve those suffering from any of the more than 100 autoimmune diseases or other forms of chronic inflammation and who desire to live at a higher daily quality of life.

METABOLIC PROGRAM – This program is ideal for those needing to balance blood sugar, lose weight, improve digestion, improve nutrition status, and improve overall metabolic cycles that impact the entire body.

HORMONE BALANCING PROGRAM – This program is ideal for those who seek a comprehensive approach to balancing their hormones due to age, surgeries, or other health conditions that may have altered hormone balance.

CARDIOVASCULAR PROGRAM – This program is ideal for those seeking to improve their heart’s ability to provide energy, vitality, and safety to the rest of the body. Special attention is given to endothelial health, which is over 14,000 sq. ft. of vessel surface area in the average person (roughly 6.5 tennis courts of surface area).

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE PROGRAM – This program is ideal for those who seek to combat the effects of aging by improving natural cellular repair function. As Dr. Womack says, “Aging is simply faulty cellular repair.” The program includes the most advanced medical, in-clinic and lifestyle resources to support your outcome goals. Special attention is given to identifying the underlying sources of cellular injury that may be contributing to or even accelerating the aging and disease onset process.